Saturday, January 31, 2015

Project Almanac - what would you do?

Last night I went to see this movie. There was no chance I was going to miss it from the moment I saw the trailer. Why? Because I am fascinated with time travel.

In the movie, David discovers that his his father had created blueprints for a time machine before his death 10 years ago. Along with his sister, two best friends and a girl named Jessie who he is crushing on, they find the materials to build the machine. And then, they get it to work....

I loved it, and not just because of the theme (although he had a big head start). I liked the characters, could identify with the emotions the ability to go back in time created, and was rooting for them. I thought David and Jessie had great chemistry, which made the chief dilemma of the movie believable. (Yes, I know - the terms believable and time travel probably don't belong in the same paragraph.)

And here it is: When you discover that you have changed history in a tragic way (no spoilers here), what do you do? Do you go back and try to correct it? And what if changing it would undo the thing that you want most in your life? What if you're with the girl of your dreams because of the way you changed history, but people are dead because of it as well?

What do you do? Do you do it on your own or do you keep your friends in the loop?

You know, it's not that different from the choices you and I face in our mundane linear timeline. We may not can change history, but we know when we are faced with choices that matter. Day after day, we have opportunities to do something in our own self-interest instead of for the benefit of others. Sadly, I know what choice I make way too often. How about you?

I love stories that make me think about who I am and the choices I make. They bring into focus whether I'm really living, as I claim, to love God and love others.

And when the story involvers time travel, so much the better. So I think I'll close this...and watch an episode of Doctor Who.

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