Monday, September 10, 2012


I have such a smart dog. Yeah, everybody says that...but Elphie really is.

It amazes me that she remembers things she hasn't seen for months; I don't expect that from an animal. When we go to the condo in Tuscaloosa and get off the elevator on the third floor, she knows exactly what door to go to, no matter how long it's been since her last visit.

The elevator. That is the most curious thing to me. You see, when we get on the elevator, she turns and faces the door...and waits. And waits. And when we get to the 3rd floor, she gets off and heads for the door. Then when it's time to go for a walk (something very important with a dog!) we go back to the same elevator. We get in, and she patiently waits for the door to open so we can go outside for her walk.

The thing is, I'm convinced that she knows exactly what will happen when the door opens. She knows that it closes in one place and opens in another. It's gotta be like magic to her. She can't possibly understand the physics, that we are actually going up and down. All she knows is that she gets in, and, voila!, we are in a different place! She doesn't know how. Or why. She just knows it happens.

I think Elphie's understanding of the elevator is similar to the way i muddle through God's creation. His understanding of his universe is so much higher than mine. So many things are true that I don't understand. (For a nice list, read Job 38-39.) But I know that they are. I know that if I trust the revelation God has provided, I can live the life he intended for me. I don't know how it works. I don't know why. But I know it's true.

So I'll wake up tomorrow, and I'll get on God's elevator. Can't wait to see where the door opens.

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