Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I give up

That's right...I give up. I give up trying to figure out how the human body works when it comes to gaining and losing weight.

If you follow this blog, you may remember two posts since the end of the year. First, I wrote about how I was serious about getting into shape. Then, last weekend, I shared little bit about how this past weekend I was getting over a cold. Well, needless to say, those two don't mix. If you're sick, working out is not very practical.

In fact, I was stupid last week and made things worse. I worked out at least twice after I should have stopped, and I think it made things alot worse.

So today I was finally ready to get back with the program. Enough with using the congestion as an excuse to procrastinate on exercise. Enough with the idea that I needed to make sure I was eating enough to help my body recover. Back on the wagon!

It was time to step back on the scales. For the first time in over a week. I was not looking forward to it. After all, I had worked for six long weeks to get into better shape, and the result had been a whopping 5 pounds of weight loss. (I do believe I've added a little muscle too - but still, it was a little discouraging.) So now it was time to see the result of a week's slouching. Would I be starting over?

Heck no! I had lost four more pounds. Four. MORE. Pounds. How could that be??

Don't get me wrong  - I'm thrilled. It's good to jump back on the program knowing I'm not starting over. I just can't figure it out. Maybe it's a delayed effect from the previous work. Maybe it's the body shedding some weight from being puny. I don't know.

But I do know this - I'm going to double down on my work. I'm going to count it as a blessing and keep on keeping on. The lesson? For me it's this: keep doing the right thing and don't worry about the results. They will come.

This is what Coach Saban teaches about football. Don't focus on winning, focus on the process...the wins will come. It's a great lesson for life too. God doesn't call us to be successful, he calls us to be faithful...success will come from him. Well I guess it applies to good health as well.

So look out, I'm back at it. But I'm not going to ever make sense of it. So I give up...on that.

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