Tuesday, July 20, 2010

No, I'm FOUR...a birthday story

The little boy was excited about his birthday party...but also confused. He knew that he was about to hit a major milestone -- five. years. old. But it wasn't his birthday yet. It was Sunday, and he had three days to wait. But for some reason, there were the presents. (Would he get that Superman suit he wanted?) There were the kids from his neighborhood. And there was the cake. With five candles.

As the cameras rolled (yes, he had one of those fathers), his parents tried over and over to get him to hold up five fingers. After all, this video record of his fifth birthday would be preserved for a long time, and when you're five, you hold up five fingers. But the little boy was stubborn, and they could not make him do it. "How old are you?" "Four" came the answer...over and over and over. Why the early birthday party? Why would his family do this to such a sweet little boy?

Well, he was about to get an amazing birthday present -- one that required his mother to miss being home for his birthday. For you see, his mother was checking into the hospital the next day to have a baby. A baby sister, who would be born the day before he turned five, and the best birthday present ever. A present that would multiply into another present 26 years later, and still be giving until the most current anniversary of that date...which happens to be today.

Yes, I was that stubborn little boy, and I haven't changed much...I'm still like that And the present was my youngest sister Kristy.

Happy birthday, sis!

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  1. Numbers were a big thing for you even back then...how interesting! And such a sweet story! :) Happy Birthday Kristy!